Welcome to Moon Lotus, my Creative Outlet.

My name is Roberta, an Italian-Australian artist and writer.

In this website you will find short stories always accompanied by an original illustration and an audio of me reading them.

I like to experiment different genres and styles so I am pretty sure you can find something to like in here ;)
I mostly write stories that I dream at night, developing the subject even beyond what I saw and felt, letting my mind take the plot wherever feels right.

When I write, my aim is to liberate my creative mind and let it bring me to fantastical, magical and emotional places. I hope I will be able to take you with me in some of my adventures.
Art helps the storytelling, it’s the visual expression of the feelings, places, faces and moods in my stories.
I do not limit my artistic creation to only accompany the writing, in fact I often draw just for the pleasure of it and you will find many different subjects in the gallery (go have a look, you’ll understand what I mean ;) )



I am in the process of writing a book with lots of magic, mystical and esoteric elements: it’s about a young woman’s journey to the discovery of the meaning of life, love and soul purpose.
Please stay tuned, I promise it will be an exciting ride!

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