John Wick’s Rose

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Rosa was thinking about those annoying crows that kept ruining her veggie garden when she entered the crafty store on an apparently quiet Friday evening. She was trying to grow some Tomatoes and Chillies on the terrace of her new apartment in Scarborough, a lovely suburb few miles from Toronto.

Little she knew that what was about to start, wasn’t her typical weekend.

She was looking for some material to build a tiny scarecrow when she spotted John Wick on the same isle.
“What the hell is John Wick doing here?”

John was retired, possibly for real this time. Voices in the field have been saying he now had two children to take care of. The young boy and adolescent daughter of one of his dearest friends died to help him on his last suicidal mission.

Rosa was a cop, actually just a newly employed detective with not much experience in the field but enough to know exactly who was standing in front of her. She had been training in martial arts and gunfight since young age back home in Mexico and John was some kind of a legend to her.

She couldn’t help but admire John even if he was supposed to be one of the “bad guys”. She didn’t think he was a cruel assassin and especially after his last adventures, she grew fond of him and his impossible battles with the high powers that run the world. A part of her thought they were more like colleagues than enemies.

John noticed her immediately, he must have used his sixth sense for cops, and their eyes locked for a couple of seconds that seemed definitely more to Rosa. His stare scared her. she felt he could sense her feelings and thoughts but she also inexplicably felt drawn to him.

After his scan-stare, John got closer to Rosa and asked:
«Are you here for me? I don’t have time for you.»

He must have thought she was there for ‘work’ but she didn’t even have the time to reply as a loud BANG made both freeze in tension.

The gunshot was coming from the other side of the store.
John and Rosa automatically squatted to a safe hidden spot and got their guns out ready to fight.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image media=”73069″ media_width_percent=”100″][vc_column_text]Rosa looked at John trying to make him understand that she was not involved and surely had no idea of what was going on.
Unfortunately his eyes were focused somewhere else so she took the risk of being heard to whisper:
«I am not here for you. I would never hurt you.»

John ignored her completely and moved away to find a position with a better view of the counters where he assumed, a robbery was taking place.
It was clear he didn’t even see her as a threat.

«Great, 2 armed robbers.» He muffled. He didn’t really had time or will to do anything about it. He just wanted them gone.

Rosa thought it could be a good time to gain his trust and make clear she was not after him so she decided to do her job and take the responsibility of solving the situation. She even thought she could show off a bit of her skills to John.. like a fangirl would do. What a stupid and nonsensical motivation!

Rosa quietly approached one of the robbers from behind and..

“Damn it! What was that?” She looked behind her.
A toddler with her mom let a toy fall on the floor at the worst time possible. They were shaking in fear, she couldn’t really blame them.

In a desperate attempt to avoid a gunfight that would put a child in danger, she hid her weapon behind her back and faked a scared face as the robber came to investigate on the noise.

«What do you think you are doing?! Hands and face down! Now!»
Rosa tried to secure the gun in the fold of her jeans but the impatient robber got a grip on her wrist and pulled her close just to push her violently against a shelf a moment later.

Her gun slipped away and fell on the floor with a loud noise.
She knew she had to react immediately or sh*t could go bad.

John’s voice caught the attention of both robbers long enough for Rosa to grab her gun and jump at the one in front of her blocking him in a lethal head-lock.


The other robber had the brilliant idea to shoot at John.
You can say that he made a bargain: shot one bullet and got two in return, one from John and one from Rosa.
Unfortunately not where he probably would have wanted: one in his right hand and one on his left knee.

John then looked at Rosa surprised at her quick reaction and also at the fact that she probably tried to protect him.
Rosa, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t shoot to kill..

«This one passed out. I think we’re done.»
Rosa said, a bit embarrassed at her own doing. What was she thinking? John needing her help? That was pathetic. She couldn’t even handle her own gun…

«Good. …»
John wanted to add something but decided halfway to stay silent.
He looked around to see if there were any more potential targets and then said:
«You should go check the entrance.»

He was referring to the possibility of a third robber waiting outside ready to drive away.

Rosa saw his hesitation and was very curious to know what was going on in his mind but she couldn’t really master up the courage to annoy him anymore. Especially not after her embarrassing performance.

She got up and quickly tied the two robbers then run out as per his instructions.
There were only tyre markings left. The third robber decided that abandoning his companions was the smartest idea.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image media=”73070″ media_width_percent=”100″][vc_column_text]Shortly after, John joined her outside.
«I think you should go before the police comes, I just called them.» Rosa said.
A cop wasn’t probably supposed to help a known criminal walk away after a gunfight but she felt it was the right thing to do.

John nodded and after another moment of hesitation he added:
«Why did you say “I would never hurt you”? Do I know you?»

Rosa blushed. She didn’t expect that question. She totally forgot having said that and was sure he didn’t hear!
“Because I am intrigued by you and I admire you” was the real answer but she couldn’t really piss him off with that bullsh*t.
She decided to ignore the first question and reply to the second one:
«No, you don’t know me.. but of course I know you.»

He gave her a perplexed/worried/curious stare.

She felt pressured to add:
«I wasn’t following you. I am sorry I stared. I was just surprised to see you.»

He seemed to process the information for a while then asked:
«What is your name?»

She didn’t want to add any more details to her identity. She revealed already too much and even though her gut feeling was to trust him, she knew she’d better not.

«I’ll go now. I hope I won’t see you again.» John said.

She felt hurt by those words. She knew they were appropriate. Still.. she couldn’t help feeling betrayed.

«I hope differently.»
She said out of spite and then ran inside while blushing and blaming her short-temper for that embarrassing sentence.

John was puzzled by the unusual response but didn’t mind it. In fact it made him smile. That young woman had something special, he felt it the moment they looked at each other and he also felt that they would surely meet again.

TO BE CONTINUED[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image media=”73071″ media_width_percent=”100″][vc_separator sep_color=”accent”][vc_column_text]

Below the Youtube video of the drawing process plus the audio story!

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BONUS Coloured Drawing

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