Damn! Where the hell am I? Why is this guy looking at me like a scaredy-cat that lost his mouse?

«Excuse me Sergeant, should we proceed?»

Sergeant? Mh.. wait a minute, we are dressed like military people. Well.. I am dressed like a cool one, a “top of the hierarchy” one. He is on a lower level for sure.

While I slowly start to make sense of my surroundings I understand that I am a military instructor and this petulant boy is my assigned student.

«Yes we can proceed» I answer as I push a futuristic-like remote control I see in my hand.

I have no idea where I am and who I am but that’s ok, I’ll just go with the flow and trust my body memory for what I need to do. If I am here in this position it can’t be by mistake.

While I wait to see what happens next I take a look at the room and, woah! This place is huge!

It reminds me of a gymnasium but it’s full of small desks. For each one an instructor and a student.. This must be some kind of one-to-one lesson of crucial importance. What a perfect time to forget who I am. Well done brain. Thanks.

As I think that my brain could choose a better day to trick me, I see some shiny metal things coming out of a door in group of 4 and aligning at each desk. The more I look at them the more they remind me of something that I know but that isn’t quite what it should be… Wait, what?? They look like horse hoofs! That’s what they are! And they are also moving like that is a horse above them but I can’t see anything.. Just these black metallic hoofs “walking”!

I look at my student for a hint and then back at them and BAM! Now I can see a horse! What the hell?? Looks like a real horse for a split second and then for some reason my eyes tell me that is an holographic rendition of the animal. I can clearly see the structure of light that creates the illusion.

This is truly fascinating and I feel excited for a moment.. Until my body moves on its own, grabs the holographic horse with a special tool I can’t really describe, and lays it flat on my desk.

How can a horse fit on a desk? Well it’s holographic.. I guess it shrinked?

I am astonished that it makes sense and it doesn’t at the same time.

Next automatic move that I can see my body doing without me even thinking is traumatic. I cut open the freakin’ mini-holo-horse (I should copyright this) and a giant blob of black ink comes out of it. Yeah, great, fantastic.

Unpleasant to say the least.

Again I surprise myself because like if all of the above wasn’t enough, I dig my way through the ink, I find a disassembled gun and I assemble it in less than 5 seconds.

«See? Easy.» I say to my shocked student.

No freakin’ idea of what I just did but I knew it was cool so I guess… I played it cool.


The End.

Below the Youtube video with the speedpaint of the digital illustration and the audio-story.