The Edges of the Sky

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]“I choose to give my life for yours, as I know you’ve always been with me and I will always be with you.”

Lunch time, I am helping my mother with some tables at her restaurant for rich lonely people.
Yes, there is this new type of restaurant now. Basically rich people that have no one that actually enjoys their company, come to my mom’s Oriental restaurant where not only food but also human company is provided.
You can choose who you want to dine with and how many people have to be at the table. You just need to ‘order’ them.

We have a lot of returning customers, they have a second family here.. The employees that dine with them know more on their lives than their relatives. Crazy emotionally unstable shitty world.

My mom calls me to a table:

‘Hey Sasha, come to speak with Miss Balducci’
I approach the table and I sit beside Lorena Balducci, careful to be in the right position, lower than her so she can look down on me rather than up… rules of the restaurant.
She is super rich and super rude.. I know her well since she comes every year to celebrate her birthday with us like today and spends a fortune hiring 50 to 60 people for her party.

‘I need you to go to the Italian restaurant down on the main street, the one that serves the special meal ‘Villa dei Sapori’. I want you to taste it and let me know if it’s good enough for me.’

Seriously?? I look at my mother in disbelief. I understand she is one of our best clients but she is treating us like servitude!

My mom looks back at me and I understand without words that we can’t afford to make this pathetic woman angry so I get up and say:
‘Of course Miss Balducci, I will go immediately’… The moment I give her my back I curse her!

My little sister from the kitchen sees me and giggles.
I am not angry anymore. How can it be that simple?

I get close to her.
‘Lynn, you shouldn’t be laughing!’ I say while smiling back at her.
‘I need to go out for a while, but I’ll be back to help you with your homeworks later!’

I like helping her with school stuff. She is only 5 and I feel like a genius when I help her with those basic problems! I also feel younger and my heart lightens up when I am with her…
‘Can I come with you?’ she asks.
‘No Lynn, you will only get bored waiting for me to finish, trust me’ I kiss her and I leave.

I take the cable railway to go down to the city center and try this famous meal. I’ve actually heard about it: it’s a mega dish of Pasta, bread and special meat done the old way plus chips. I feel bloated already.. Ugh!

Luckily from our restaurant it takes me only 10 minutes to arrive. I sit in the outdoor area and I order my meal but something is not right. I just feel heaviness in the atmosphere around me. The colors seem darker, the air foggy and the tension gives me goosebumps.

I’ve been spaced out for a few minutes when the waiter interrupts the flow of my thoughts to serve me the first dish. He puts it on the table and suddenly everything trembles.

But wait! We don’t have earthquakes since 2055 when we all relocated to Neo Seoul, the city in the sky. It’s simply not possible!

I look around and everyone is watching a live broadcast that is being transmitted on all the displays on skyscrapers, shop windows and vehicles.

‘Oh no… that is my restaurant! What is happening?’ I say and my heart feels like someone is squeezing it.
A man that is seated at the table behind me says ‘I am not sure but I think that the son of the Lowlands Mafia has been killed and now there is a conflict between his family and the clan that killed him?’
An older lady adds ‘And I think a bomb went off.. That’s what made everything shake, like it happened 11 years ago.. I remember’.

I can see the fear in her eyes but I don’t have time to be scared I need to run home!

‘Be careful child! I’ve seen this before..’

I am already running back to my family and my thoughts are louder than her voice, I don’t know what she is talking about and I don’t care.
‘I need to go!’ I yell back.


A big chunk of cement detaches from a skyscraper and falls on the road just meters from me. Other bombs are blowing up and the older buildings are not designed to sustain the vibrations.


I look towards the voice and I see Lynn a few meters away from me.
Oh God! I run to her screaming: ‘What are you doing here??’
She must have followed me.
‘I am scared! What is happening?’
Still few steps and I am close enough to hug her: ‘Stay still!’

In that moment a balcony cracks open and I can see it coming down too close to us. Too close!
My brain accelerates and I find myself thinking about 10 different ways of saving Lynn and myself from being crushed. None of them seem effective enough.

The eleventh option comes loud and clear from my heart. It is the right one. The only one.

As I push my sister away from me with a strength I didn’t know I had, I try to look at her face for the last time but I can’t and all ends.

I am in the sky above the clouds now. I can see my sister crying. I call her name.
She looks straight at me, for a moment she is in the sky with me.. but I know she is alive, I think I have one last chance to speak to her…[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image media=”73094″ media_width_percent=”100″][vc_column_text]

“I choose to give my life for yours, as I know you’ve always been with me and I will always be with you.
As I met you once I will meet you again. We will be reunited so don’t cry sister”.


THE END[/vc_column_text][vc_separator sep_color=”accent”][vc_column_text]This dream left me crying.. I even had a hard time recording the last part of this story as I couldn’t help but crying while re-living the events.
It felt real. Emotionally real, so much that every time I think about it I cry again. Must have happened somewhere to someone..

Below the time-lapse of the illustration “Guardian Angel” and (soon-to-be) podcast of the story.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image media=”73113″ media_width_percent=”100″][/vc_column][/vc_row]