«Run! Run! Run!!!! For Christ’s sake!»
«Over there! There is a barn we can lock ourselves in to buy some time!»
A group of people enter the barn, the gates are closed and secured and Dr. Whiteman checks if everyone escaped successfully the attack of 3 (really slow) zombies.
«It seems like everyone made it, that is good.»

«Now, we need a plan. There are only a few infected people out there, we can still solve this.»
There is a big table and everyone is gathered around it as a light is turned on and a map laid down.

«Ok, now that we are less scared and more focused, it’s time to get a better understanding of the situation. Jim please give me that piece of brain you collected from the injured one.»
Jim takes a plastic bag from his backpack and gives it to Dr Whiteman.
«Thanks Jim.»

«Listen, I am sure we CAN still save them. It is just the beginning and if we stop it now we will be able to prevent it from happening again.»
The doctor’s attempt to lift the spirits works and the atmosphere becomes more relaxed.

«Does anyone here have a camera? One fancy reflex or something similar would be perfect.»
One of the girls reluctantly puts a shiny new camera on the table.

«Thank you. Since I don’t have any medical equipment I want to try a simple thing. I will put some brain material inside the camera’s lens and add some water to use as enlargement agent. Maybe I can find out some information.»

As Dr Whiteman looks into the camera, the only thing he can see is a blurred greenish pattern but with some effort and eye squeezing a blueprint starts to appear, similar to a miniaturised chemical formula.

«I can see some symbols! There is a hourglass at the center and radiating from it some other graphic elements I cannot recognise.. Wait! I see also a leaf and.. A word? It starts with a T.. looks like ‘Tarantula’ but I’m not sure.. it’s so blur-»

Dr Whiteman suddenly stops talking. Everything in his body stops.
He looks away from the camera and at someone in front of him at the other side of the table.

«Tarantino! What does this mean? Are you involved in this? Why is your name showing up?!»

Everyone looks at Tarantino and as he smirks with no sign of shock he says:
«Well, yes. I am involved and I can tell you there is no way you can stop this, it’s irreversible.»

Dr Whiteman yells while all the others are in a terrified silence.

«I needed some good material for my next movie and this was the best way to study the realism of a very unlikely situation.»


«I promise I will put your names in the end titles.»

The End.

Below the SpeedPaint (done in Ecoline Watercolors) of the Zombie’s Brain as I saw it in my dream and the Audio Story.